Policy management software designed with you in mind

Save time & effort

Consolidate the policy management process into a single platform and reduce the time taken to create, update, review, and approve policies

Automate manual processes

Automate to streamline the entire policy management process – tracking, publishing, distributing, and policy attestation

Increase policy awareness

Increase awareness by routing new and updated policies & procedures to employees with automated attestation tracking

Improve compliance & audit trails

Improve compliance by mapping policies to people, processes, regulations, risks, and controls and provide full audit-trails & reports

Protect your organization

Gain visibility into potential risk areas and avoid consequences of policy or compliance violations and reputational damage

Increase accountability

Export reports to Excel for further analysis. Prompt users with automated notifications and reminders. Track certification and acceptance.

Comprehensive policy and procedures management features

comprehensive-left comprehensive-right

Review and approval

Use easily configurable custom workflows & best-practice templates to route the policies to respective people for review and approval

Version control

Enable file check-in and check-out while editing and avoid confusions by making everyone work on the latest document version

Audit trail

Ensure a continual audit-ready state for your organization and provide time-stamped trail reports for all user activities on policy changes or updates

We do the heavy lifting and help you focus on what matters the most to your organization!

Integration with other business tools

Integrate the policy management software into all the major ERP and CRM systems to help suppliers and customers access business-specific policies from a central policy management system. However, external users can be given privileges to access the internal policy management application with stringent security policies.


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