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While SharePoint has evolved as the workplace tool kit, the introduction of SharePoint Online has taken productivity to a whole another level with the new modern experiences. The modern SharePoint features such as Power Apps, team/hub/communication sites, and mobile-readiness make SharePoint Online one of the best-suited office productivity tools.

The modern web parts in the modern pages are making SharePoint Online experience novel among enterprises with relatively simple, flexible and mobile-friendly user experiences.

Moreover, the reusable web parts allow users to add them to SharePoint pages and accomplish tasks in a more compelling manner.

In fact, many users are adapting to modern experiences faster than classic SharePoint due to the presence of easy-to-use web parts. However, the web parts delivered with the initial release of Modern SharePoint are evolving and receiving updates regularly.

Web parts are the essence of SharePoint Online

React enables creation of module-like pieces of code called "Components". These code snippets reflect a particular part of the user interface, which can be repeated across several web pages. This is what we mean by reusability, which is a great way to save valuable time on development. The declarative nature of React also makes designing UI seamless and takes a major load off from product developers so they could focus on more important functions and business logic. We can also build a responsive design and PWA using React. React Applications can be made type-safe with Microsoft's TypeScript and we can also implement Functional Programming using React.

Code Performance

Web parts are great value-additions to SharePoint's basic set of tools that can help customize content, layout or pages. Enterprises can end up creating user-friendly intranet solutions with the help of web parts that can optimize the workflow and customize sites/pages based on user's needs and requirements. Moreover, users can leverage the SharePoint Starter kit that comprises of many web parts, extensions and other components to create modern pages/sites or custom build client-side web parts for enterprise applications.

Building custom web parts using SharePoint Framework (SPFx)

SPFx is the next-gen SharePoint development tool that does much of the heavy lifting on the client-side rather than on the server-side. This is the first time that Microsoft has come up with a model that can be used on any JavaScript platform to provide a lightweight and swift experience for the users. Currently, SharePoint Framework is available for Office 365 and Online versions and it was essentially introduced to change the way how developers work using client-side approaches.

All the customizations to the Modern SharePoint capabilities are supported by the SharePoint Framework. Modern SharePoint features and SPFx tool is making SharePoint Online a preferred intranet solution that allows users to build custom web parts and custom extensions. Modern web parts are primarily designed to make the modern pages easy to use, fast and look appealing and users can easily add/remove web parts without deploying any code. By using SPFx effectively, users can leverage the SharePoint capabilities and build better and more stable customizations.

Following are some of the custom web parts that we created for a customer based out of US

React JS a right mix in SPFx to overcome SharePoint limitations in Usability.

SharePoint was known for design and usability limitations in its previous versions. The look and feel and ease of use have been a challenge when it came to creating good user interfaces. But React JS comes with a history of building great UI experience for Tesla, Airbnb, and Walmart even in the non SPFX areas. With the flexibility to change JavaScript on the web part, React.js helps to create web parts that are quicker and interactive. The loading performance is also improved with the help of React.

APP Launcher

  • Departments within organizations use third-party applications for various business processes. (eg) Sales department uses Salesforce
  • Shortcuts can be created in APP Launcher to quickly navigate to these applications.
  • Predominantly used for quick navigation between external and internal applications directly from the intranet.
SharePoint Online Portal | App Launcher using SPFx


SharePoint Online Portal | FAQs using SPFx
  • This is a place where employees can find answers for company, business processes and policies related questions. (eg) what is the procedure to apply for leave?
  • Assists employees to understand company protocols and policies without any assistance.

Market Place

  • "Market place" is a place where employees can post their belongings for sale/give away.
  • However, it requires admin's approval to place ads.
  • Ad contains an image, category and date posted.
  • Clicking on the image displays details of employee who posted this ad.
SharePoint Online Portal | Market Place using SPFx

T i v a s t a SharePoint Online Portals

TIVASTA, the SharePoint Online portal solution is built on the latest SPFx technology and unleashes the new modern experiences with web parts and many other customizations. We unlock collaboration through cloud storage and data sharing and improve user-experience through modern web parts. We have successfully deployed 45+ intranet portals based on the SPFx model and have created 100+ custom web parts for a myriad of customers based on their industry needs.

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