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Giving associates the tools they need to easily share information with peers and empowering them to exchange ideas and crowdsource to enterprise solutions definitely drive better outcomes than what they could have achieved on their own. MS Teams is a modern workplace tool that helps customize your workplace, unlock hurdles that hinder effective communication and collaboration, and keep your teams secure. We further power your modern workplaces with Teams enhancements that help in transforming your organization into a highly-responsive one.

Customize your workspace

Configure the most used business functions/tools to Teams and provide single-click access from one place

Digitize everyday activities

Leverage tools like SPFx to build business-critical processes in Teams to show everything upfront & enhance productivity

Reusable framework model

Build modern workplaces with modularity as top-of-mind to support scaling business needs and evolving trends

Bot driven Teams

Use bots to handle user conversations, send notifications, and automate push and pull requests from any business tool

Automate business processes

Automate daily business activities and empower employees to do what they actually should be doing

How does this App Work ?


How does this App Work ?

Report an Incident

Using API’s we’ve automated teams creation where the actual conversation for an incident happens

Incident Details Dashboard

Manager sees the statuses and severity of the incidents, different teams engaged in sorting out the issue

Close Incident & Archive Teams

After resolving the issue, the incident is closed and the teams conversation is archived

Working together is the staple of today’s workplace and we help make working together as easy as possible

Whether you want to design your modern workplace from the ground-up or already have a process in place on top of which you want to leverage the modern workplace, we help define the modern workplace strategy for you with Teams. MS Teams has now evolved as the modern workplace toolkit where employees collaboratively work on project delegates and get their work done.

We have developed many reusable frameworks that help build connected business applications with Teams by unifying the processes with no code solutions and accelerate delivery.

Following are some of the scenarios that explain how we help further optimize Teams usage and simplify the lives of users.


We’ve developed an order management framework bot that helps automate the order management process without the need for any human intervention. Automating the process can boost overall productivity and efficiency within the organization. This is really helpful from a customer service perspective where the bot is automated to respond to customers’ queries based on previously archived response patterns. However, the steps might differ from seller to seller and our reusable framework bot can comply with any business model irrespective of their process flow.


Modern workplace should be the one-stop solution for all your employees’ needs and show details upfront on what they are up to. Any team in an organization works with business-specific tools on a day-to-day basis to get their work done. However, it requires switching between applications and takes out the whole meaning of a modern workplace. So we leverage tools like SPFx to build business-critical processes for you in Teams itself. This enables employees to see their daily tasks, what they should be doing, and everything from one place. At a manager level, it helps him/her understand the project delegates, statuses of tasks, and more that help make insights highly actionable.



Package all your workplace productivity apps, security tools, and business processes together and achieve across-the-board transformation for your business

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