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Companies are falling short of communication and collaboration medium that make employees feel they are disconnected and overburdened with work. Especially, for a company like Ward Truck, a Transportation and Trucking company, whose processes and procedures evolve over time with changing customer's demands, having a dynamic, fit-to-meet intranet is crucial. Again, the intranet should not only address present challenges but meet the future scope and nurture employees who are predominantly on the freight services most of the times, meeting customer demands and company guidelines. To break the communication barriers, Ward decided to go for a modern, digital intranet solution that can motivate employees and make them stay connected at work.

"We were looking for a packaged intranet solution that comes along with the communication and collaboration capabilities primarily focussing on improving the employee experience. When AVASOFT showcased what SharePoint 2016 intranet can bring to our workplaces and how it can customize sites for specific projects/departments and make content management simple yet powerful, without any second thoughts, we decided to go with them." - Ward Trucking, Business Manager

We started off..

By gathering input from different teams and departments, we collated their pain points prevalent in the existing intranet and carefully analyzed their business requirements. We showed them a complete walkthrough of the latest SharePoint 2016 on-premise version showcasing different templates and web parts that can infuse continuous collaboration between employees and get rid of all their challenges.

We understood that..

They were using the traditional Lotus Notes platform that kept their employees immobile and separated and gave them fewer chances to even digitally talk since they operate from 19 different service centers across 7 states. Since they have employed many external drivers and dockers, they couldn't train them to adapt to the complex Notes portal and access the content present on it. Moreover, fetching relevant documents from the portal for these external people was consuming too much time and so they wanted to move to a simple and easy-to-use platform that any employee can find it intuitive to access without any assistance.

"We were using so many internal applications each with different levels of complexities for various business purposes and we couldn't maintain all of them on the Notes due to lack of knowledge and shortage of resources. Furthermore, we wanted to give certain external users (drivers & dockers) access to selected intranet sites and documents that we couldn't achieve with Notes." - Ward Trucking, Business Manager

Since they were using the legacy Lotus Notes portal, they already had a huge amount of content present on different sites and pages. So we proposed to recreate different sites for blogs, wikis, and projects in SharePoint 2016 and migrate the content from the older system using our comprehensive migration tool, AVAMIGRATRON.

"When AVASOFT came up with the migration and intranet redesigning plan, we were very happy because this eliminated the need for going for two different vendors that would have otherwise imposed a huge cost on us. This certainly gave us a point of belief that we could achieve workspace collaboration with SharePoint 2016 without losing our former content cost-effectively and make employees adapt to the new intranet without any hassle." - Ward Trucking, Business Manager

Our approach was that..

As a first step, we held a 4weeks workshop and multiple conversation sessions with the Ward team to understand their needs, and cultural behavior to arrive at a functional plan. We progressed by taking a complete inventory of their sites and provided them with the migration and remediation plan. In order to prevent unauthorized access, we created windows authentication for internal users and farm authentication for external users. To address their main challenge, we optimized the search option by tagging the metadata information to the documents to reflect in the search results and incorporated single-click access to all the information.

Unique offerings and business gains include..

Ward wanted their employees to access intranet portals for any information they require and make optimal use of it to find any company policy or customer service related queries. To make SharePoint intranet a centralized hub, we remediated all their business applications and brought them under one umbrella from where users can access any app from one place without having to switch between different pages. Additionally, our SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) document library search method showed only relevant documents to their drivers and dockers and eliminated the need for exploring every document.

Shift towards a robust SharePoint intranet

The main idea behind recreating the sites in SharePoint and migrating all the content from the legacy Lotus Notes is to create a unified workplace for employees and to simplify their everyday business processes with easy-to-use applications. Our user and content-driven approach relieved their employees from getting lost in document search. Very particularly, we aimed at making Ward's employees adapt to the new portal easily and collaborate with one another without any communication barriers.

"The very important thing about having an intranet is to make employees adapt to the platform with simple user interfaces and easily navigable pages. When AVASOFT created new training sites for our employees and external workers with rich and interactive content using videos and images, they jump-started using the intranet sites without any hesitation. We never thought it would become this easy and thanks to the team AVASOFT." - Ward Trucking, Business Manager

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