Nowadays businesses are becoming more strategic than ever before. Despite many reasons, getting rid of obsolete systems is making the difference is what SMEs and business analysts say. Needless to say that the Office 365 box and SharePoint Online have reinvented the workplace with new skill sets and competencies to be successful in the growing market place. Going forward I'm sure that SharePoint will become a mandatory productivity tool in almost all the companies. However, there are a few things that enterprises should consider while choosing their intranet solution.

1. Make sure you have the latest SPFx (Version 1.8.0)

Often times I see people making customizations to their existing intranet portals (could be older versions of SharePoint or a different solution altogether) without realizing the power of the latest SharePoint version. The recent online version of SharePoint is fully packed with components that can ease your day-to-day business activities. For example, PowerApps, MS workflows, SPFx based web parts are great value-additions that play a pivotal role in creating a differentiated workplace and empowered teams. Moreover, modern sites, rich look, and feel, simple user interfaces, mobile-readiness, etc. make it an inevitable choice for an intranet.

2. Using TypeScript and Suitable Application Architecture

As we know, TypeScript was created by Microsoft to facilitate the creation of large-scale JavaScript applications. Though TypeScript encapsulates features such as modules or classes to simplify creating larger applications, it is not enough. We need good application architecture if we want to succeed in the long term. That's the reason why we conjoin Typescript and MVC model to create world-class portals. Since MVC offers rapid and parallel processing approach, it benefits developers by fastening the application development process yet achieves business logic. Moreover, adding a new type of view in MVC is very easy as Model part does not depend on the view part and so, changes made will not affect the architecture.

Some of the promising benefits offered by TypeScript that make it a lot better than other scripts like
knockout, react, and angular.

Developers Productivity
Application Maintenance
Code Consistency
Handling Change Requests
longevity of the framework
Catch Errors Early

3. Effective use of CDN

In order to improve the performance of your SharePoint Online pages, you can use the built-in Office 365 Content Delivery Network (CDN) to host static assets. It improves performance by caching the static assets on the browsers on which they were requested thereby reducing latency and increases download speed. Moreover, Office 365 CDN uses HTTP/2 protocol for HTTP pipelining and to improve compression.

4. Optimize images and improve overall performance

A web page comprises of various sizes of images, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that influence the page load time. Especially images make a page look appealing but their size can affect performance. So, it's highly recommended to compress and resize images and use sprites to offset the effects of large images. An image sprite is nothing but making a small part of the image visible through a small window and displaying the required part of the image to the end user. Additionally, image rendition in SharePoint can serve different versions of images and display sections of the image allowing it to be reused.

5. Leverage exiting MS tool kit to improve efficiency and consistency

Microsoft toolkit is made with the combination of Auto KMS and EZ Activator Modules to provide you with better performance. It comprises of an array of applications that can be leveraged to streamline everyday business processes and transform the way how businesses are done. All the applications are available in a single package and are very futuristic that can be used to address/solve business problems at the same time unlock employee's productivity and team collaboration. It consists of both productivity (PowerApps, flows, Teams, etc.) and analytics (Power BI, MyAnalytics, etc.) tools making it a cost-effective solution to achieve this.

Tivasta Considerations

TIVASTA, an Online SharePoint intranet portal solution encapsulates all the 5 essential considerations that are critical to build enterprise applications. We have delivered more than 45 portals to customers across different business verticals based on their needs and demands. Our intranet portals can be a "find all in one-place" solution that can address dynamic business problems and take your organization through a forward-looking path.

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