Every business is different and so should be the technologies that embrace it. SharePoint intranets have taken many forms ever since its inception and now it's the time of custom SharePoint intranets that are designed to address unique business needs and requirements. If you ponder around what an ideal SharePoint intranet is, then this blog is for you. Though the business processes and internal mechanisms differ from one organization to another, the best practices for creating SharePoint intranets remain the same for any organization and here they are.

1. Gather Requirements

Before you start creating your SharePoint intranet, the first step is to find out why you need an intranet. Defining the purpose of having an intranet can help streamline processes from the very beginning and also it's highly important that you get feedback from the end users on what they expect out of a collaboration platform.

2. Focus on Functionality

Many organizations get obsessed with placing their company branding throughout the intranet and fail to focus on the actual functionality which is highly critical. How the pages should be structured, how will the users navigate, how search can be optimized, etc. should be your top priorities while designing your SharePoint intranet.

3. Interactive Content

The prime reason why intranets become less used and stale is that it is often published with the routine company authored news and updates. The information that your SharePoint intranets contain should be regularly updated and refreshed with information about company's achievements, updated leave policies, sales progress, etc.

4. Social Intranet

SharePoint intranets enable social collaboration by integrating with Yammer, an enterprise social network tool. By doing so, users get individual profiles and speak to one another in a very natural way without any communication barriers. Features such as 'likes' and '@mentions' make the usage of intranet more engaging.

5. Personalize the intranet

Personalization is the key and users appreciate personalized and contextual content based on their role, location, and interest. The next right thing is the user experience that drives users to your sites. Creating SharePoint sites with consistent and great user experience and navigation is important that can enable employees to easily identify information without any assistance rather than spending too much time on searching for the relevant information.

Remember these 5 quick and easy tips while creating SharePoint intranet portal for your organization and make sure it is followed throughout your intranet lifecycle. TIVASTA intranet solution is based on the latest SharePoint Framework (SPFx) technology and has deployed more than 45 portals to a myriad of customers based on their unique business requirements adhering to the above mentioned best practices.

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